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Alchemighetti is a "Hot Potato" style game where you need to juggle a ton of potions around. Match the different potion types to make a larger potion. Once your potion is big enough, you can create a "Super'Splosion to gain tons of points. This also allows you to get some "SuperBonus" points. Once you have 4 SuperBonus points, the SuperBonus begins. For a short amount of time, potions are worth huge amounts of points and getting a Super'Splosion during this time will get H U G E amounts of points! Try and get the highest score possible!

I also put in the source code in this page, a fair warning my source is not organized very well.

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Published 25 days ago
TagsGameMaker, Pixel Art


Alchemighetti.zip (1 MB)
Alchemighetti Source.zip (335 kB)


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